6 Bubble Bump Games You Need to Try ASAP

Ever heard of the bubble bump craze? Ever tried it? If you haven’t, you’re seriously missing out. Bubble bump or bubble soccer is the latest team-building craze that’s sweeping SG! Almost everyone who participated in this wacky, bumpy activity is left giggling and laughing after it’s over. Here’s why.


  • It puts people in big round bumpy bubble suits. Usually only the knees and below are exposed. And, if that image alone doesn’t amuse you, picture your officemates stumbling around in that suit.


  • It lets you roughhouse safely with other people. Bubble bump gives participants the chance to really let loose without any lasting repercussions. Just imagine charging and ramming an overbearing officemate, rolling around with your work buddies, or getting ridiculously competitive with other departments of your company.


  • It’s an effective way to break away from work-associated professionalism.  Not all team-building activities can guarantee this result.



Now that you know the essentials, let’s discuss what games you can play with the bubble bump setup. Most activity centers that offer bubble bump also provide a couple of games to go with it. You can choose one of their recommendations or play one of the games below.


  1. Sumo King

Up for a one-on-one bubble bump brawl? Then, this game is for you. Sumo king follows the same mechanics as conventional sumo—only, instead of pushing, players have to bump their opponents off the mat.


  1. Middleman

This game requires two teams and a middleman. At the beginning of the game, the two teams will stand at the opposite corners of a field. Their goal? To get to the other side of the field without the middleman—who is standing in the middle of the pitch—touching them. Any player tagged by the middleman becomes a middleman as well.

The last untagged player wins.


  1. Last Bubble Standing

As its name suggests, the last person standing wins. Everyone fends for themselves. You can go on the offensive and actively try to bring down other players. Or, you can go on defensive and focus on dodging charging bubbles.


  1. Old School 500

This game can be played individually or by teams. The referee throws a squishy up in the air, and the players will fight to catch it. Since the bubble bump restrains your limbs, you need to catch it through the hole on top of your suit. Different squishies have different values. The first one to amass 100 or 500 points wins.


  1. Bubble Bump Invasion

This bubble bump invasion is a game that requires two teams. Each team has a rectangular box on opposite sides of a field which functions as their “home.” The goal of the game?Invade the other team’s home. The first team to have all its members inside their opponent’s box wins.

It’s a battle of bumps and rolls to get to the other side.


  1. V.I.P.

Split your group into two teams. Let’s say team A and team B. Team A will choose a member to be their Very Important Person (V.I.P.). Within five minutes, team A must escort their V.I.P. from one end of the field to the other while the opposing team attempts him/her knock down They get a point if they reach the end. Team B gets a point if they manage to knock down the V.I.P. Once a round ends, the game dynamics shifts. Team B will escort their V.I.P. while team A attempts to foil them.


So, what are you waiting for? Recommend bubble bump for your next company outing. Can’t wait for your company’s next team-building affair? Head to the best providers of bubble bump in Singapore with your family and friends. The more the merrier!

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