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6 Bubble Bump Games You Need to Try ASAP

Ever heard of the bubble bump craze? Ever tried it? If you haven’t, you’re seriously missing out. Bubble bump or bubble soccer is the latest team-building craze that’s sweeping SG! Almost everyone who participated in this wacky, bumpy activity is left giggling and laughing after it’s over. Here’s why.


  • It puts people in big round bumpy bubble suits. Usually only the knees and below are exposed. And, if that image alone doesn’t amuse you, picture your officemates stumbling around in that suit.


  • It lets you roughhouse safely with other people. Bubble bump gives participants the chance to really let loose without any lasting repercussions. Just imagine charging and ramming an overbearing officemate, rolling around with your work buddies, or getting ridiculously competitive with other departments of your company.


  • It’s an effective way to break away from work-associated professionalism.  Not all team-building activities can guarantee this result.



Now that you know the essentials, let’s discuss what games you can play with the bubble bump setup. Most activity centers that offer bubble bump also provide a couple of games to go with it. You can choose one of their recommendations or play one of the games below.


  1. Sumo King

Up for a one-on-one bubble bump brawl? Then, this game is for you. Sumo king follows the same mechanics as conventional sumo—only, instead of pushing, players have to bump their opponents off the mat.


  1. Middleman

This game requires two teams and a middleman. At the beginning of the game, the two teams will stand at the opposite corners of a field. Their goal? To get to the other side of the field without the middleman—who is standing in the middle of the pitch—touching them. Any player tagged by the middleman becomes a middleman as well.

The last untagged player wins.


  1. Last Bubble Standing

As its name suggests, the last person standing wins. Everyone fends for themselves. You can go on the offensive and actively try to bring down other players. Or, you can go on defensive and focus on dodging charging bubbles.


  1. Old School 500

This game can be played individually or by teams. The referee throws a squishy up in the air, and the players will fight to catch it. Since the bubble bump restrains your limbs, you need to catch it through the hole on top of your suit. Different squishies have different values. The first one to amass 100 or 500 points wins.


  1. Bubble Bump Invasion

This bubble bump invasion is a game that requires two teams. Each team has a rectangular box on opposite sides of a field which functions as their “home.” The goal of the game?Invade the other team’s home. The first team to have all its members inside their opponent’s box wins.

It’s a battle of bumps and rolls to get to the other side.


  1. V.I.P.

Split your group into two teams. Let’s say team A and team B. Team A will choose a member to be their Very Important Person (V.I.P.). Within five minutes, team A must escort their V.I.P. from one end of the field to the other while the opposing team attempts him/her knock down They get a point if they reach the end. Team B gets a point if they manage to knock down the V.I.P. Once a round ends, the game dynamics shifts. Team B will escort their V.I.P. while team A attempts to foil them.


So, what are you waiting for? Recommend bubble bump for your next company outing. Can’t wait for your company’s next team-building affair? Head to the best providers of bubble bump in Singapore with your family and friends. The more the merrier!

Bubble Bump: An Innovative and Modern Team Building Activity

Team building activity aims to enhance camaraderie and create a healthier working environment among employees. Often, it is an avenue used to address interpersonal issues within the team. If the team is just new, team building activity aims to know each employee better, learn about each other’s strength and weaknesses, and it also aims to break down the walls among employees.

There are a lot of team building activities that have been invented to cater the different objectives each team has. To date, there are four main types of team building activities that include communication activities, problem solving and decision-making activities, adaptability and planning activities and activities that focus on building trust.

Most team building activities are fun and challenging at the same. One of the most common activities is two truths and a lie. In this game, each employee needs to prepare two truthful information about his/herself and one false information about his/herself. He/she will then say the truths and lie to his/her team and any of the members will need to determine which is a lie.

Some of the team building activities are played outdoors and require physical strength. There are also team building venues that offers team building activities. One of the most common team building activity that is played outdoors is the amazing race. For each station, each team will need to complete a task and whichever team completes all the tasks quickly will win the race.

The aforementioned team building activities are a bit old fashioned. Nowadays, there are more innovative and modern activities. In Singapore, bubble bump has taken over the market for quite some time now. It is a high-energy team building activity that requires players to wear a bubble soccer suit. This suit is the same as those used in zorb and is used to cover the players’ upper body and head.

Bubble bump has the same idea with bumper cars, only that humans bump into each other instead of cars while wearing a bubble soccer suit. Sounds exciting, right?

In Singapore, there are also some variations of bubble bump game. Bubble bump can also be played with football or soccer theme in mind. This is called bubble soccer or bubble bump in Singapore.

Each player will wear a bubble soccer suit to protect the body from injuries that are commonly acquired from soccer or football. With this new twist, each player or team can come up with different ideas on how to achieve the goal.

This fun-filled and exciting game allows each player to better understand each and everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. This also involves team coordination since being encapsulated in a bubble soccer suit is not an easy task. Lastly, this will surely enhance team bonding and communication as everyone will need to work to achieve their common goal.

This game can be played by people aged 10 to 40. Some schools incorporate this activity to physical education as they wanted to also adapt the current trends and innovation in schools. Further, most companies play bubble soccer or football as part of their team building activity.

Have You Tried a Bubble Bump Game?

Rejoice to all the soccer fans out there as we get to say that this game has found a new twist.

We know that soccer is one of the most popular games in the world. It is so popular that any competition draws fans all over! It is fun and exciting that some universities started to teach it. Moreover, kids who would want a career in it would join in summer school just to learn how to play it. Though most people would think that soccer is a professional thing, that does not mean that only the legit players can enjoy it.

If you would really like to consider, anybody can play soccer. If you have a vacant lot, then that would already do. Actually, if you just go around the country, you would even find out that soccer has already evolved into a more challenging yet funny way.


Party Fun

We know that most of us are currently holding reunions to celebrate the coming of the Chinese New Year and as tradition, these parties ought to have fun games in it. So, what does it have to do with soccer?

Here is the fun part. Do you have a huge yard—or maybe not really huge but just enough for kids to run around in? Then that could be a good start!

If in case you haven’t noticed yet, there is currently bubble bump in Singapore. What is it? Well, you can picture it this way: you are playing soccer but instead of just running around by yourself, you run around inside a balloon.

The balloons we are referring to here is not the usual balloon-on-a-yarn. These are colourful bubble wraps that players wear when playing it.

If you are able to imagine the scene, then that is what you can call a bubble bump. You kick around the ball until you reach the goal while wearing bubble wraps.

Moreover, if you still want to be more creative about it, since these wraps are bouncy, you can ditch the ball altogether then play bubble bump game instead. So, what players basically do is they wear the wraps, bump into each other—knock each other down actually—roll over the ground then do it all over again.

Can you imagine just how fun and exciting this could get? In fact, this game is considered safe that even kids can join in playing it. Also, you can buy bubble wraps in different colours so that can even make up for your team’s representation, too.


Should We Try It?

Now, if you think this can really be a happy way for your family to bond, then what else are you waiting for? You need to buy the bubble wraps online now. If you are not a sporty type of person, we can even bet that you would find this a really fun outdoor activity.

Moreover, if you consider it, summer is almost around so, this could really make for a real enjoyable summer experience as this not only for adults but for kids, too.




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Power up with Yoga

Yoga has been around for 5,000 years in the world and it suddenly becomes a craze in this period of time. Yoga becomes popular, hot and trendy nowadays, maybe because of the persuasive stars and influencers who promote it or just because of the increase in awareness about the benefits it can give to a person.

Most yoga lessons here in Singapore are open to all generations and fitness levels. Different studios and local gyms offer yoga classes that are for everyone. Whether you are a teenager, a middle-aged mom, older man or even a bodybuilder, you can feel accepted and included. Whether who you are or what age are you, yoga can help you. Unlike other sports or classes that focus on niche clients, yoga tends to offer open arms.  But if you’re the type of person who opted to have a private yoga class, there’s a lot of studio in Singapore offering private yoga classes. Also, most of yoga studio in Singapore has private yoga instructor.

If you’re a yoga beginner, you can choose a yoga class that's fit for your lifestyle. Hot yoga, power yoga, prenatal yoga, and relaxation yoga are some of the yoga styles to choose from. Yoga will surely have a style that suits your fitness level, fat percentage, or health history. Whether you prefer to practice at home, in a private yoga class, while watching a DVD or at a studio or gym, there are various options available to suit your goals and needs.

The good thing about yoga is that it promotes a healthy lifestyle. The practice of yoga allows people to have a good mental and physical health. Yoga can affect to overall aspects in our lives. Here are some of the hundreds of benefits you can gain in taking yoga classes:

  • Improves balance and increase strength and flexibility. – you can build strength through yoga, you balance it with flexibility. Strong muscles protect us from conditions like arthritis and back pain and help prevent falls in elderly people. A regular yoga class increases the proprioception (ability to feel what on your body is doing).
  • Mental endurance, calmer mind, and happier you – As you take yoga classes regularly, you will notice the peace and tranquility are achieved through focused training. Also, Yoga quells the fluctuations of the mind, according to Patanjali's Yoga Sutra. In short, the mental loops of frustration, anger, regret, fear, and desire that can cause stress will slow down. This will result in a happier and calmer you
  • A good night sleep - Yoga can help to relief from the hustle and bustle of the urban and modern life. Studies have shown that through regular yoga practice, you can have a better night sleep. This means you will be less stressed and tired and most importantly you’ll avoid accidents.
  • Connect to the others – A yoga practice develops friendliness, compassion, and greater equanimity Which can help you build a better relationship.
  • Promotes self-care – Yoga gives you the tools to help you change, and you might start to feel better the first time you try practicing. You may also notice that the more you commit to yoga class, the more you benefit. You will gradually see some changes like discovering your involvement gives you the power to effect change, as well as seeing that effect change gives you a hope. And hope itself can be healing. And lastly, you get involved in your own care.

These and many more are the reason to start a yoga class.  Remember that wellness and well-being are vital for us. You can browse the internet to find the best yoga class here in Singapore. Start engaging yourself in this kind of activity to help you achieve your fitness goal. Know that you can power up with yoga.

Have a Smashing Summer that is Worth Remembering

In order for people to apply themselves, reach the high goals that they have set, reap the rewards of their hard work and live the rest of their lives in the lap of luxury, they need to dedicate their strength, passion and energy in their careers that they have always wanted to pursue even way back when they were just young kids dreaming of living life in the fast line like top dogs in the junkyard. They need to push the pedal to the metal, fire up the throttle and shift to a higher gear so that they can cross the finish line first as they leave their rivals behind on their rear view mirror because they need to be merciless, unrelenting and implacable when it comes to knowing what they want and doing everything that they can to get it. But sooner or later, even if they love the dream job that they have and they are perfectly happy and content where they are in life right now, they sometimes feel like they just want to get away from it all because they are slowly suffocated by their daily routines.

                And that is why they need to round up the whole gang, buy their airplane tickets online, book luxury hotels in Singapore and take a well-deserved vacation this scorching hot summer season so that they can loosen the knots on their back, soothe their frayed and frazzled nerves and chill out even for just a few days as they forget the onslaught of problems that bombard them from all sides. Aside from visiting the Lion City of Asia and enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds that are such a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of their busy schedules as well as the dull and boring monotony of their daily routines, they can also meet new people and make new friends that they will treasure for the rest of their days.

                With that said, after booking their 5 star hotels in Singapore so that they can be treated like kings and queens or members of the royal family, here are other ways for them to enjoy a relaxing summer that will leave them refreshed and full of zest for life.

Rough It Out in the Woods

                After spending a few weeks in Singapore best hotels with their friends and family, there are some people who want to take a break from the modernization and technology of the city life and that is why they camp out in the woods, rough it out and live off the land as they rely on their basic survival instincts.

Start a Hobby

                Different kinds of hobbies like knitting sweatshirts, writing short stories, crafting porcelain and creating wonderful music can be quite therapeutic for stressed out people who are ready to snap therefore people should take a load off and start getting busy in a different way.

Let’s Get Physical

                And since they will be hitting the beach for sure as they shed their clothes, show off some skin and soak up the sun, it is an excellent idea for people to hit the gym and work out so that they can get the sexy body that they have always wanted to flaunt from head to toe.

Treatment for Varicose Veins

If you are a working adult, you would know that part of the requirements our management imposes on us would be wearing heels or standing for long hours.

Well, this is not only experienced by women but if you particularly work in the retail industry, we are required to always do brisk walking. Men would even run to and from storage areas to get stocks. That is tough, right? And then what do we do after long hours at work? We get to take a bath. If you believe in some saying, taking a bath when tired causes for our muscles to weaken. Not only that, tired veins would even cause for it to bulge.

So, what do we do? We demand for the right time to rest. But there are types of office jobs that require them to sit for long hours. We know that even when we sit for too long, it cannot be too good for us either. We need balance. We need to do some walking and sitting too but in the process, we get to develop varicose veins.

These are those bulges we see in our legs and they do not look good! So, we would want to get rid of them totally.


Aesthetic Reasons, Really

Let us all admit that if there are unusual things we see in our body, one main reason we would want to get rid of them would be their aesthetic effects. You know, how they would actually make us look worried and uneasy and really, they just plainly don’t look good. We do not want that.  So, this is the reason that pushes us to look for a vein doctor.

We would want to ask them for effective ways to cure these veins and not just to hide them. Sure, there are creams or types of makeup that can hide them. Though  these can work out for a while, the effort we would need to put in in order for us to just hide them is really difficult and time consuming.


This Could Be a Remedy

So, if we would want long term results or if we would want to undergo a procedure for a one time big time thing, what would we do? Some people would go to clinics or derm spas to ask for a spider vein treatment in Singapore.

Some people might think that these are expensive but they are not. If you go ask a professional, they are really offering packages for such. This way, people would be really able to afford them. Moreover, they even provide for different payment options.

Now, if you wonder why these are really important, there are health reason for them as well. For some, these are just appearances on the skin but there are people whose varicose veins cause them discomfort and pain.

In order to get rid of that, they are required to undergo vein treatments. Usually, there are serums injected to lessen the appearances of these bulging veins. In some cases that could be too much, operation is required.

Things to Seriously Consider Before Settling Down and Tying the Knot

Because they want to leave the pain of the past behind, learn from their mistakes, hope for the best and embrace the daily grind that will bring them closer to a better future full of opportunities to make their life better, people are making the necessary changes that will give them the edge and advantage that they need this Chinese New Year. They are channeling all of their strength and energy into their respective careers because they are fully aware of the fact that they will only reap what they have sown and they will achieve nothing if they do not take the first step forward and make the necessary adjustments in their attitude, professional strategies and personal lifestyle. Soon enough, with hard work, fervent dedication and grim determination that never falters even with the onslaught of challenges that they face, these people will find great success and enjoy the finer things in life as a reward for all their efforts.

                But even if they have all the money in the world that they need as well as material wealth and earthly possessions like imported sports cars in the garage, fine wine in the cellar and designer clothes in their closet, a lot of people still feel that there is something missing in their otherwise carefree, blessed and blissful life. This goes especially true for single people out there who are yearning for someone to love and to hold during cold summer nights and that is why they test the turbulent waters of the dating world because they are sick and tired of coming home to an empty house devoid of laughter and happiness. After all, all their achievements are shallow and meaningless if they cannot share it with the people that they hold close and dear to their hearts.

                But before making a lifelong commitment, baring their heart and soul to their significant other and looking for the best wedding venues in Singapore so that they can tie the knot, exchange vows and live happily ever after like the protagonists of a fairy tale, hopeless romantics should make sure that they are making the right decision because a big mistake can haunt them for the rest of their life. First of all, they need to be financially secure and ready to start their own family because they do not want to drown in debt and wallow in poverty. This goes especially true for those who want to have children of their own someday because responsible parents need to make sure that they can provide a roof over their heads and food on the table three times a day.

                And before they travel to Singapore to book the best hotels for their wedding venue, reception or honeymoon, they need to ask the blessing of their families especially their parents because these are the people who will truly stick with them through thick and thin as well as give them all the help that they need during rough and tough patches of their marriage. Last but not the least, they should get married and be united in holy matrimony because they truly love each other with all their heart and soul and not for any other reason like financial gain or social security.

Why You Should Shop 2nd Hand Bags, Clothes and Other Items

When it comes to our personal belongings like bags, clothes, jewellery, and accessories, we want it to be presentable as much as possible even if it is already couple of years old. Being able to present yourself well to other people, whether in school, work place, or even in public places like malls and parks, can give other people a good impression on how well we take care of our self and our belongings. That is why most people, especially women, prefer buying brand new things in order to make sure that they are getting what they paid for; a neat look that expresses their taste in fashion well.


But it can really be expensive to keep on buying brand new stuff just to be able to keep up with new trends and get different outfits for every occasion. Good thing there are thrift shops for used or second hand items that you can go to that sells different cheap items. There are 2nd hand stores or thrift shops here in Singapore that sell different designer vintage bags, clothes, wristwatches, shoes and even jewellery. You can expect some of them to be a bit worn out, but can still be used. After all, the items are already used.


What is the benefit of shopping for 2nd hand items?


The main reason why there are a lot of people that are into buying 2nd hand items is that it is a lot cheaper than brand new items. Sure, brand new items can look a lot better than used items but the difference in the price is actually quite big. For a designer bag that would cost about $200, you can easily find the exact same one which is just a bit worn out for around $40 or even less. We can even say that the cost of 2nd hand items is less than half of the price of brand new ones. But this would really depend on the condition of the items. Some 2nd hand bag shops here in Singapore even have items that are in great condition; looks brand new and may seem like it was never used at all! Although the price might be around half of the brand new one, but it can definitely help you save money!


2nd hand items are also a good option to go with if ever you are buying something that you would not really be using in the next couple of years or something that you would just be using once or twice for a specific event. For instance, you want to join an event but it has a certain dress code that you need to follow. If you do not have such clothes that they require, you can try to get them from a 2nd hand shop for a better price and it would not really bother you if ever you are not going to use it again since it was not really that expensive.


Another good thing about buying at 2nd hand shops is that there are almost new arrivals from different brands almost every week! Meaning you get to have more selections and options to pick in terms of buying items that you need! If you have never been into a 2nd hand shop or a thrift shop before, you might want to look for one now and be surprised on the things that you can buy from them!




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